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King's Champion Book 3 of the Elven Chronicles. Return of the Legend. Luthien's Song. Series: The Elven Chronicles. Read a free sample or buy King's Daughter by M. You can read this book with King's Daughter. Book 6, The Elven Chronicles. The Elven Chronicles Series.

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Abraham Author Abraham Author. The Elven.

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Posts about King's Daughter written by seelkfireice. Abraham on February 16,. King's Daughter Elven Chronicles series Book 6. Kindle Edition. Read "King's Daughter" by M. Abraham with Rakuten Kobo. A flicker of eye contact is all King Liessen needs by M. King's Daughter by M. Abraham is the 6th book in her wonderful Elven Chronicles series. A quiet danger slithered beneath the surface of the midnight sea.

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For nearly four nights the creature stalked its prey, watching, waiting, until the man-made metal beast traveled deep into the wild depths, far from the salvation of any shore. It haunts me. The light swallowed by darkness. The cries stolen by silence. Life jolted asleep in a bed of ice. You know the tragedy, but you do not know the truth. The pages of history are a blend of reality and illusion, created by architects who honor one grand design.

But this was no fairy tale. A visual exploration of the light and dark characters in Architects of Illusion, from the peaceful Muse, to the vengeful Goddess Hera. The statues surrounding Olympus were once living mythical creatures and mighty gods before being turned to stone by the immortal Gorgon sisters during a great battle. Known as Dimidiums, the magic of Olympus allows these souls a brief escape from their stone skin. This is the tragic story of the goddess Artemis and her lover, Orion.

Artemis Awakens by Daniel Peniston. Like Liked by 1 person.

Gabriel (Elven Chronicles, #1) by M.A. Abraham

Like Like. Thank you!! Hi Sam! Every image here is fantastico! This is my first book about Elve's and I was not disappointed. I didn't know what to expect, but Ms. Abraham painted a beautiful picture in my mind with her words of Elve's and Fae, beautiful villages and woodland forest. I was taken on an enchanted journey, were I met amazing an sometimes funny Elf and Fae characters, that I wanted to know more about. I felt like I was actually their in the story watching Gabriel and Edens love develop and grow.

What a wonderful couple. Their are a few twist and surprise's in the story that I didn't see coming and at time I was wondering how is Ms. Abraham going to pull it all together, but she did!! This is a very well written story. I highly recommend this book and I can't wait for the next book in The Elven Chronicles!!! Gabriel - great first book By TallMocha My rate would be more 4. My only complaint is that first half of a book I needed more dialogue.

Welcome to Our Worlds – M. A. Abraham

It felt like that we went through that first half too fast without getting to know them Eden, Gabriel and the world that was described better. This is the reason for my rating. The other half was amazing and I can't wait for the second book to come out.

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My complaint is not to make author feel bad since she did great job, it's just a slight push in giving us one step more which she did with the second part of the book. Very satisfying read and would highly recommend. First published book from M. Debut novelist, Mary Ann Abraham did take the first step. She had the support and belief of friends who wanted her to succeed. And this my aspiring authors, makes all the difference to a writer. I won the first three books of The Elven Chronicles. After reading this first one, I am definitely set to continue the rest of the series, particularly since cliffhangers need resolution.

Her story captured my interest. In my opinion, this book was an excellent beginning to a writing career. Most writers are not born, they hone their skills through years of writing. The story took place in a very creative and real setting, albeit fanciful. The character development was such that I readily cheered Eden in her quest to take control back in her life.