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Explore Now. Buy As Gift. This test prep questions and answers study guide review is designed to help students and sonographers prepare for the questions which appear on the ARDMS SPI exam.

Physical Review Applied - Highlights

Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. View Product. The exam is extremely challenging, and thorough test preparation is essential for success. This is that book! The volume one and two of this study guide were written to prepare the medical The volume one and two of this study guide were written to prepare the medical assistant for the national certification exams.

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I have spread the word to many other techs and will continue to use your great service from now on! To make a long story short I took Physics in and have been working non registered for the last 20 plus year. I never thought a web site could be so helpful. Their Click to Learn format tests are fantastic. And basically re taught me Physics in a short time. Thank You Ultrasound Registry Review. I was able to complete 3 exams physics, abdomen, vascular in 3 months with the assistance of URR. I've been out of school for 7 years and work full time, this website was a livesaver.

The "click-to-learn" questions were invaluable. They truly allowed me to absorb the content and learn from incorrect answers. I will definitely use this site when I study for my breast boards. Thank u so much. I passed my physics last weekend. This review helped me more than anything I've tried before. The website was very easy to use. The click to learn test was very helpful The click to learn questions were great, knowing the information as soon as you got it wrong made me remember better when seeing the same question again, and the little explanation was also helpful The site worked very well for me.

I would recommend this site to everyone who is preparing for the registry I would give this site a I used a different book to study for the AB exam before and I failed. This website helped me pass with a very good score. I've no doubt the preparation I received from URR helped me in successfully passing my exam!! I found the structure of the Adult Echo course enabled me to more efficiently manage the time I set aside each day to study. I was able to close the several textbooks I was jumping back and forth in and more streamline my study sessions.

The images and videos in each section were concise and clear. I will definitely use the URR website for future exam preparation!

I feel that the website was very clear and easy to understand. I will definitely be using this website again for the rest of my boards! It was definitely worth the money and I will spread the word on how it really helped me! I took the Abdomen registry today, and passed. Although I feel quite comfortable with the material, and use it in the clinical setting regularly I struggled with the actual tests.

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I am convinced that your 4 practice tests helped me to succeed with the Abdomen registry. Overall it's simple, it helped me prepare and pass my exam. The practice questions and the explanation to the question was amazing! Those questions helped me out tremendously! It wasn't only the fact that I got it wrong or right, it was the explanation on why I got the question wrong or right.

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On the study material, the information could have been a little bit more concise. I believe if I had this website the first time I took the exam I would have passed. Ultrasound Registry Review took me back to the basics. The website covered topics we never covered in class.

The topics were clear, concise, easy to understand, and were accompanied by helpful US images and drawings. I feel like the review actually may have over-prepared me, but i'm thankful for that. I spent a large portion of time studying the outlines. The outlines were detailed but simply put at the same time.

The detailed outlines, images, review questions and mock exams provided me with the ability to work through the questions on the registry. I researched multiple review sites and am glad I chose URR. I felt like everything on the website covered the information much more thoroughly than my schooling did. This material was all-inclusive. What I liked most was it's easy to read and understand and the ease of use.

The exam questions were extremely helpful. I especially liked that if I failed an exam, it was reloaded to my account so that I could try again. It was so helpful to do these questions over and over to see where my strengths and weaknesses were.

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I feel like this website was absolutely vital to my exam success. I really liked the click to learn with immediate feedback - made me remember to "go with my first answer". I also liked the month long access. I plan to use it for my OB review next! I have taken 1 review course and bought 3 books for the exam. Your course was by far the best, and helped me pass the exam.