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  3. Statistics and meaning of name Rondo
  4. Celtics' guard Rajon Rondo suspended two games for role in fight - CBS News
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The Let's Play Archive

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Trending Football Stories

Wild rice vs. When an elderly woman went missing, these four 'junior detectives' saved the day. The Rockets have been huge in China. Then their GM tweeted on Hong Kong protests. Here's what I want you to know about being a first-time mom. Rajon Rondo turned the right way, made the right choices. Enough right turns and right choices to avoid the plentiful pitfalls of his surroundings, and to write his own remarkable chapter in the sporting history of his hometown.

Statistics and meaning of name Rondo

He might not be the Greatest of All Time, but he's the latest greatest -- even if almost nobody saw it coming. The only basketball goal in College Court resided in Amber Rondo's backyard. She paid for it with the money she earned working at the Phillip Morris tobacco plant.

The single mother wanted it because it would keep her four children close to home instead of roaming a risky area. Rain, sleet or snow, we'd be out there. House rules also dictated that when the streetlights flickered on, the Rondo children must be home.

The Rondo 550 Series

The front porch became a board-game battleground -- Connect Four, Monopoly, Battleship, you name it. Family, friends and faith helped keep Rajon Rondo on the porch and off the streets. The Rondos attended services at Little Flock Baptist Church and received plenty of oversight and guidance from aunts, uncles, neighbors and coaches at every turn.

Will was a football player who ultimately earned a full ride to Murray State. Rajon, five years younger, started down that path, as well -- a quarterback in football, a pitcher in baseball and a point guard in basketball. He liked being in charge.

Celtics' guard Rajon Rondo suspended two games for role in fight - CBS News

But the painfully skinny kid wasn't built to take the knocks of the football field. Eventually, he found his true calling in the gym. His huge hands and long arms, coupled with startling speed and leaping ability, gave him an advantage over his less athletic peers. Then his knowledge of the game and his craving to master it separated him.

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The first high-level coach to be seduced by Rajon Rondo's talents. And the first to become exasperated by his star point guard. When Rondo wandered into Eastern High School for an open-gym run one day as an eighth-grader, Bibby saw stars. He was only 25 years old and a rookie head coach, but he comes from a basketball family that is heavy on great guards: Uncle Henry was a UCLA All-American, national champion, longtime NBA player and college head coach; cousin Mike was an Arizona All-American and national champion and is currently a guard for the Atlanta Hawks.

After watching Rondo's combination of athleticism, intelligence and killer instinct that day, and knowing he was coming to Eastern in the fall, Doug Bibby excitedly made some phone calls. He also got a future pain in the neck.

Rondo wasn't uncoachable -- but he had to be won over. His way. Bibby's first year with Rondo was, by all accounts, similar to the first years Tubby Smith and Doc Rivers would later experience with the guard. It was trying. You can't just tell him 'The sky is blue and the grass is green' and expect him to go along with it.

You have to show him what you mean. A player who has to be convinced that the sky is blue and the grass is green could be described as stubborn. Or untrusting. Both would seem to apply to a younger Rajon. Bibby suspended his 6-foot-1 guard for part of his freshman year and brought him off the bench for other parts of his first two seasons at Eastern. It worked because he had the full backing of Amber Rondo. I'd tell Amber, 'I want him to do better in his grades; I want him to go to study hall.