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  1. Food Advertising and Marketing Directed at Children and Adolescents in the US
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What was 4? MMB: On average, we do this every year and a half…what is it? MMB: The average person does this 11 times a day…. BAQ: The 1 cause of injury in the home is falling down. What is 2? BAQ: Each year approximately of these are purchased but never used…. MMB: When it comes to her wardrobe, women spend 39 minutes a week worrying about this…. BAQ: According to a survey, this is the last thing a man wants to do on a first date…. BAQ: A study reveals that you are less likely to argue with your spouse if you do this when you get home….

BAQ: These are the three words women want to hear most…. MMB: According to a new survey, this is the 1 type of vacation photos we share with friends…. BAQ: The average woman complains about this twice a day…. BAQ: Doing this for 26 minutes a day will burn calories…. BAQ: A new survey reveals that married men are more likely to do this….

MMB: Over half of Americans say they think more highly of people who do this at the office…. MMB: A study found that 1 in 4 men never ever do this…. MMB: Phone chargers are the most common thing left behind in hotel room. This was second…. MMB: Doing this can make a woman appear 7 pounds lighter….

BAQ: The average person will produce over 14 pounds of this in their lifetime…. MMB: The average person wastes 29 hours a year because of this…. MMB: 1 out of 3 people say they have had this happen to them at work…. Today, the average is about BAQ: The average person is less likely to believe a scientist if the scientist has this physical trait…. MMB: Women are more likely to give men their phone number when approached here…. BAQ: Ten years ago, nearly everyone did this.

For the average guy it is less than three…. Who was 2? A: Myself!!!! Monday, November 21, MMB: The day after Thanksgiving is the second-busiest day of the year for urgent care clinics. A: Underwear BAQ: 1 in 6 people will dream about this at least once a week.. A: Being back in school! This was 5 … A: Having a date night!

The 1 reason is they are too busy. So how do we survive? The 1 way is drinking extra coffee. What is the main reason behind the excuse… A: To save money BAQ: Only three people have sold million albums worldwide as a solo artist AND million as part of a group. Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney are two of them. Who is the third? Clothes came in at 1. What is the most popular food item we take pictures of? The majority said they keep it in the bank. A red what? Friday, March 18, MMB: A new survey asked people under 25 how important some different things are to the quality of their lives.

What is the most common thing they throw away? A: Magazine collection BAQ: There are certain relationships that can cause troubles in your relationship with your significant other. A: Using speaker phone in public Friday, February 26, MMB: A new survey from Allure magainze found that the most common thing people lie about it their weight. A: Earth being attacked by aliens BAQ: A new survey asked people what they will be doing with their tax refunds. BAQ: Spring is almost here! The 1 regret was taken more time to travel. A: Married someone different Thursday, February 4, MMB: A recent survey asked people to list the things that make them the saddest.

Get rid of what? This is the 1 thing that makes dads angry… A: People leaving the lights on BAQ: According to a new study, the average health kick only lasts three weeks and four days. The 1 item was rubber bands. What item was 2? What topped the list as the smell we hate? What do women want to hear? What came in at 1? What tops the bragging list of good deals? Friday, June 26, Q: Census data reveals that the average American spends 43 minutes a day socializing and communicating.

A: Sing along to the music on the radio, specifically, the music on June 19, Q: A new survey asked people what skills or life lessons they learned from their dads. What came in at number 1? A: Gossiping about other coworkers Thursday, May 28, Q: If you do this for a living, according to research your chances of having a heart attack doubles. What is the profession? A: Cab driver Wednesday, May 27, Q: What is the number one thing a woman can say to start a fight with her husband?

Q: A survey asked people what they are afraid of in their own home and this came in at 1…. Q: A new survey found that Americans spend an average of 23 minutes a day doing this…. Q: Americans throw away of these every second. That equates to 49 million per day. Q: Women need 6 of these and men need 4 before they are satisfied….

What is the most common thing people pack? Q: A bit more than half of American workers wish their employers provided a better quality of this…. Q: A new study asked people to name all the big reasons they used to skip working out. What ws the 1 reason? Q: Six percent of people who post on social media regret posting this the most…. Q: A new survey found that the average family has fights a year over stupid, little things. What was the 1 thing they fight about? Q: One in 6 people do this when they go through a fast food drive-thru….

Q: Sixty-one percent of female executives say a person with this in their background has a better chance of being hired…. Q: A new Harris Poll asked people what they think about self-driving cars.

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Twenty-four percent of people said they were most looking forward to this…. Q: Three out of 5 people do this activity in a hotel room. What is it…. Q:A new study out of University College London found the trick to getting people at work to tell you secrets or gossip is to…. Q: One in 6 married men do this many times a year without telling their wife. Q: According to GQ Magazine, the average man has 11 of these and the average woman has 5…. Stomach came in at number 1, what came in at number 2? Q: Experts say this is a good time to hold your breath for 3 or 4 seconds…. The top 5 places where we shamefully eat our secret chocolate are: on the way home from work…at our desk at work…standing in front of the fridge…whenever our significant other leaves the room…and….

Q: In a recent study people were asked to describe their spouse in one word. Q: About half of Americans have this for dinner once a month, but for households with children it is at least twice a month…. What was the top concern? This is came in at 1…. And more than half of them have admitted to lying about this…. Q: A recent survey found the average person gets 36 emails each week at work. The top three people look forward to getting are: pay stubs…good piece of gossip…and what?

What was the other? What was the number two reason? Q: If this happened to you at work, it would more than likely be on a Monday and in September …. Q: In a survey of people over the age of 50, this was number three on their list of biggest regrets…. Q: What is the number one thing people hate about holiday gift shopping? What flavor is second? Q: Of the 43 self-made billionaires in the U. Q: 10, married couples were asked how they met. This was the 1 answer:.

Q: Those who have one only use it on average about 8 times per month. Toggle navigation Navigation Menu. A: Pollen! A: That we are real friends! A: Talk during a movie! A: Emojis! A: Wearing a Halloween costume! A: Average drive-thru order! A: Their pet s! A: Things being temporarily held together by duct tape! A: A nap! A: Their hairstyle!

A: Becoming friends! A: Fear of bugs! A: Physically roll around in it! A: Sneezing! A: Family! A: Sit in total silence at dinner! A: Military! A: Lower electric bill! A: Their first cup of coffee! A: Attend work regularly! A: Wear high-heeled shoes! A: A gift for someone! A: Ear infections! A: A road trip! A: Quit their job! A: Your mom! A: A salon! A: Eat! A: Guacamole! A: Dinner plans! A: Superstitious!

A: Dating! A: Wash the car! A: Creating their own social media accounts! A: The laundry! A: Overalls! A: Their stinky food! A: Slices of bread! A: The parent yelling at other cars! A: Eating on paper plates! A: Plays an instrument! A: Chewing gum! A: Meat and becoming a vegetarian! A: Worn the same pair of underwear! A: Had their first kiss! A: Goes to a tanning salon! A: The temperature! A: Ripped jeans! A: A craving for junk food!

A: Had no idea who they are! A: A sound machine! A: Ride a bicycle! A: They would choose a different college major! A: Fried chicken! A: Shoes often just a single shoe! A: Food poisoning! A: Faked a nap to avoid changing a diaper! A: Hire a housekeeper! A: The amount of weight a person gains in a long-term relationship! A: Weight loss! A: Read! A: Kiss their dog on the mouth! A: Blowing in her ear! Enough of what? A: Sunshine!

A: Change their sheets! A: A cup holder! A: Taking your date to a fast food restaurant! A: Mushrooms! A: Their first date with their husband! A: An elevator! A: Open a bottle of wine! A: Regular doctor visits! A: A pet cat! A: A cat! A: Hot dogs! A: The sound of birds chirping! A: Face to face compliments! A: Retiring! A: Awkward small talk! A: Birds! A: Laugh! A: A guitar! A: Listening to music! A: Straighten their teeth! A: The time people are most likely to fight for time in the bathroom! A: Painted their nails! A: Reapply lipstick or lip gloss! A: Their bathroom!

A: Broken cell phone screen! A: A wedding! A: Cursing! A: Beach! A: In front of a fireplace! A: A strict dress code! A: Napping!

Food Advertising and Marketing Directed at Children and Adolescents in the US

A: A postage stamp! A: A baseball glove! A: Shave their chest hair! A: Stay in her pajamas all day and never leave the house! A: They hate all their clothes! A: Watching a sunset! A: Teaching our kids to shave!

Morning Mindbender and Bend-Again-der Quiz

A: Left early to beat the traffic! A: Their laugh! A: A mailbox! A: Fake eyebrows! A: A juicy steak! A: They ran out of toilet paper! A: A Keurig! A: The neighbors! A: A roller coaster! A: Seeing their parents kiss! A: Check on their pets! A: The toilet seats! A: First vacation together! A: A bathtub! A: Thanked it for getting us somewhere in one piece!

A: A lucky charm! A: To change clothes! A: The grocery store! A: Swim! A: A fist fight! A: A roommate! A: Getting a haircut! A: Read a book! A: His mother! A: Sleep with their childhood Teddy bear or blanket! A: Their first job! A: Their favorite chair! A: An air freshener! A: Wet wipes! A: The door bell! A: Toilet paper! Over what? A: A candy bar!

A: Dated a co-worker! A: A landline phone! A: Gone out and bought new bed sheets! A: Workout clothes! A: He loses his sense of fashion! A: Eating with chopsticks! A: Still paying off student loans! A: Pair of pants! A: An actual paper map! A: Use their phone when they go to the bathroom! A: Brought their pet along!

A: Blasting loud music! A: NOT shaving their legs! A: Fruit! A: One wakes up too early! A: Complaining! A: Removing make up and skin care products! A: Veterinarians! A: Tans too much!

A: Their name! A: Whether or not to have kids! A: Jewelry! A: The dining room table! A: Get drunk! A: Smoking marijuana! A: A rubber band! A: Ravioli! A: Alexa or smart speaker! A: In an Uber ride! A: Made a new friend! A: Taking care of dad! A: Pots and pans! A: A taco! A: Over packing! A: Plucking ear or nose hairs! A: The ice cream truck song! A: A bartender! A: Shave their head! A: Their commute to work! A: Their pillow! A: Their feet! A: Sending 6 texts in a row! A: Engineering! A: They got fired from a job! A: On our couch! A: An airplane!

A: Dance! A: A receipt! A: A wife! A: Donuts! A: They live within 15 miles of a Wal-Mart! A: Using the vending machine! A: A case of the hiccups! A: Taking a kid to school! A: Recycling! A: Bring a gift! A: Biting the ears on their chocolate bunny first! A: Cried! A: Envelopes! A: Pass gas! A: Shorts! Been where? A: Space! A: Read of book! A: A cavity! A: Mowing the lawn! A: Music from the ice cream truck!

A: Shave her legs! A: Balloons! A: Dirty dishes in the sink! A: Cry! A: Going grocery shopping! A: Leave a voicemail! A: Yoga! A: Driving their car! A: How to load the dishwasher! A: Quitting their job! A: Stepping in dog poop! A: Name them! A: Keep from swearing! A: Gas money! A: Screaming children!

A: Our pet! A: Brush their own teeth! A: Going to the doctor! A: Free time! A: Cooking spaghetti! A: Take their shoes off! A: Shoulder pads! A: Finding money in a pocket! A: Read romance novels! A: Politics or similar political opinions! A: They start acting like their mother and father! A: Wine! A: Fresh-cut grass! A: Gasoline!

A: The bedroom! A: Caught the bouquet! A: Dress casual! A: Litter and people who litter! A: Increase your chances of meeting someone special! A: A minivan! A: For the guilt to go away! A: Stay laid back when it comes to driving.


Fridays we drive more aggressively! A: Brushing their teeth! A: A foul or unpleasant smell! A: A marriage engagement! A: Tell time on an old-fashioned clock! A: Switching to Daylight Saving Time year-round! A: Their produce fruits and vegetables! A: Traffic! A: Laundry basket! A: How it would look on social media! A: Go to the bathroom! A: Popcorn! A: Check in with their significant other! A: Secrets! A: A pet is involved! A: Rolls of toilet paper! A: A hot dog!

A: Dirty laundry! A: Because they cut their nails at their desk! A: Hugging! A: Opening a bottle of wine! A: Chewing! A: When your favorite team wins a big game! A: Their wedding day! A: Calling their mom! A: Their ATM pin code! A: Cold weather! A: Brushing your teeth! A: Post pictures of themselves together on social media! A: Natural blonde hair!

A: Friends! A: They cry! A: Report cards! A: To avoid paying the bill! A: More sunlight! A: Go on a first date! A: Creating art or playing a board game! A: Hung out with an ex! Where is here? A: Their co-workers! A: Pizza! A: Leave dirty dishes in the sink! A: Their babysitter! A: Their coffee! A: They never admit to being wrong! A: Their favorite salad dressing! A: Roots for a rival sports team! A: Make their bed every day! A: Ice cream! A: Think about food! A: A hug! A: Birthday parties! A: Drinking! A: They wanted to watch their favorite TV show! A: At a parent-teacher conference!

A: High heels! A: Laughs! A: Sunglasses! A: Motorcycle! A: Cutting yourself shaving! A: Eat spicy foods! A: Shave their legs! A: Work starting an hour later! A: Parking! A: Behind the wheel of their car while driving! A: French fries! A: Karaoke! A: Olive Garden bread sticks! A: His cell phone ring tone! A: Sitting in traffic! A: Get their nails done! A: Exercising! Most ideal for what? A: Personal space to keep from getting sick! A: Insurance! A: A mullet! A: Take a tub bath! A: Their hair stylist! A: Cookware! A: Argue! A: Drink alcohol!

A: A piece of luggage! A: Stealing from their piggy-bank! A: Ugg boots! A: Hair! A: Baby food! A: A champagne cork! A: Split their pants!

How Well Do You Know The Joker Quiz!

A: Bottles of perfume! A: The bank! A: Hitting a parked car! A: Not having to go to school! A: Listening to their parents more! A: Looking for their parked car! A: The distance between pedestrians! A: Groceries! A: Going to the movies! A: Eat snow! A: Fighting with your significant other!

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A: Women proposing to men! A: People have forgotten about them! A: They love wrapping presents! A: Spend more money on themselves than anyone else! A: Scotch tape! A: Being late for an appointment! A: Holiday office party! A: Going shopping! Alcohol was number one! A: Phone passwords!

A: Getting sneezed on! A: A bad boss! A: Whether to get a real or fake Christmas tree! A: The average time of a fight with their kid! A: Hitting the snooze button! A: Lie about exercise and diet! A: A stapler! A: Good at faking that we like a gift! A: Not gain weight! A: Their car! A: Light scented candles! A: Swear in front of our parents! A: Cut in line! A: Wear stretchy pants!

A: Commercials on TV! A: Cell phones! A: Number of days an average family takes to finish off the leftovers! A: Carving the turkey! A: Tiny turkeys! A: Saved their life!

Complete List of Netflix Spain TV Shows (updated daily)

A: Coffee! A: Buy a Christmas tree! A: Thanksgiving meal! A: Passing a cold onto their kids! A: To get someone to do their work for them!

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A: I had a big breakfast! A: Not having enough chairs! A: That you lived over 30 minutes away! A: Political paraphernalia! A: Turn their pillow over to the cool side! A: Change a light bulb! A: Hormonal! A: Treats for their dogs! Happened where? A: They have mutual friends! A: The zoo! A: Uninvited or unwanted guest! A: Honk the horn! A: Pets acting weird! A: Sneaking into a cemetery! A: They buy more candy than they need to make sure that there is plenty left over!

A: Eat more candy than their kids! This is an early performance for Winfrey, and she'd find more presence in better projects later. Winfrey never plays herself in the movies. And yet in Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time," she's literally larger than life, appearing as a giant in the sky dressed in chain mail and a massive blonde pillow of hair spewing Oprah-isms. But Ava DuVernay doesn't cast her to play a charismatic goddess. Instead, she's there to do what Oprah does best. She brings hope, spirit and positivity to the film, and when she's talking to the film's main character, she has a gift of sounding as though she's talking directly to you.

Winfrey gave her all for the adaptation of Toni Morrison's "Beloved," showing sadness and anger in equal measure on screen. She even went method and simulated the experience of being a slave in preparation. But the film was a sprawling and overlong epic as handled by Jonathan Demme, and the its failure at the box office sent Winfrey into a "depression.

Winfrey plays a small but significant role in Ava DuVernay's civil rights drama "Selma. She quietly and just barely holds her head up to recite the Preamble of the Constitution and prove her civil knowledge. But it's devastating to see someone even like Winfrey humbled by pervasive racism. In this HBO movie, Winfrey plays a woman searching for a mother she never knew. Henrietta Lacks was the unwitting donor of a tissue sample that was eventually used as a cure for polio and countless other medical advances.

But after years of lies and cover ups from the medical community, the Lacks family has grown untrusting and paranoid. Winfrey plays Henrietta Lacks' daughter as unpredictable and volatile, and her performance anchors a movie about how an African-American woman battling her own paranoia comes to terms with her heritage and family's legacy. In "The Butler," Winfrey walks a fine line between sweet and motherly -- and even unlikable.

She's cheating on her upstanding husband and struggles with drink, but she's still a sage figure in this family's household.